To be modern is simply creating something in a new way. Modern style can be beautiful in so many different ways: whimsical or geometric, planned or free-form, anything goes. That's the fun of it--we are finally free of rules and boundaries! That's what the many modern artists who influence me, like Georgia O'Keefe, Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian, and more did. They push the limits of their own creativity by leaving rules behind and moving forward. They are recreating what we see through their eyes.

I love to make beautiful, fun things inspired from the world that surrounds us. I want to be diverse, open to new ideas, ever changing, forward-moving, unafraid, and free from rules to bind design or technique.

Anything and everything I can draw, sew, paint, build, create...all of it spills over to inspire others to reach their creative abilities. That is what I am striving to be--that is Julie Popa Design.

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I also want to introduce you to Paula Murray, she has been quilting for me for years. She is an amazing quilter and she surprises me everytime with fantastic new quilting designs. My quilts would not be the same without her.

If you have questions about the quilting on the projects Paula has quilted contact her at murraynutthouse@gmail.comĀ 
About Julie Popa Design
Me in my booth at the Salt Lake International Quilt Market May 2011Spring Quilt Market 2009 in Pittsburg, PA Spring Quilt Market 2009 in Pittsburg, PA Spring Quilt Market 2011 in Salt Lake City, UT Spring Quilt Market 2011 in Salt Lake City, UT